Tamba Media, is your Performance Based Advertising/CPA Network, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and SEO company.


Want to give your business or brand a major online exposure? Are you looking for sales Leads or just need help creating or managing your social media presence?


Tamba Media provides online advertising programs for businesses and advertising agencies in the United States and around the world. Our clientele includes business owners, direct marketers, brand advertisers, advertising agencies, and traffic distribution networks.


Zero Risk Advertising:
We deliver or You don't pay. Simple!


Very flexible in our methods, Tamba Media uses the following performance metrics:

CPM (Cost per Thousand) or Cost per impression basis
CPA (cost per action) basis
PPC (pay per click) basis
CPL (Cost per Lead) basis
CPO (Cost-Per-Order) basis

Our experienced media development team is here to ensure that you get a high return on your investment with well-targeted ads. Advertisers can target and purchase only the inventory that meets your campaign goals - there's no need to buy unwanted impressions. Modify campaigns in real time based on performance criteria or to take advantage of event-based bidding.


Use Tamba GoalĀ® to get details on individual sites that interest you. Enter any site to view information such as its traffic, demographics, categories, sites also visited, keywords searched for and advertising details. If the site meets the requirements of a media buy, you can add it directly to a media plan.


Dedicated to delivering measurable results
Tamba Media delivers unrivaled results for our clients. We're constantly working to improve client accounts by focusing on tried and true methods, leading the industry with cutting edge research and strategies, and constantly improving our in-house technology and systems. Our clients typically see dramatic improvements in key metrics profitability, revenue and efficiency in the first 6 months of signing on with Tamba Media. Due to Tamba Media's proactive account management and dedication to achieving our clients' goals, these positive trends continue throughout the partnership. We know is every company is different therefore they all have different needs.We'll tailor a price package to fit your needs.